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Launching an app in support of voluntary blood donation

Recognizing the need for a solution in aid of the growing need for voluntary and safe blood donation, we worked together with the Bulgarian Organization for Voluntary Blood Donation (BOVBD) to develop a new, improved version of the “Дари Кръв”* blood donation app.

“Amidst the COVID-19 situation, we at Accedia wanted to support the society in some helpful way. Upon closer look, data showed that due to the pandemic, the blood donors’ number has significantly decreased. The already existing gap between patients in need of blood transfusion and volunteers was complicating the situation even more. Combining our technology expertise with BOVBD’s long-term experience, we developed a whole new version of the former blood donation app to support and ease the process of finding volunteers in Bulgaria,” said Nikolay Mutafov, co-founder and CEO of Accedia.

The solution consists of an administrative management panel for members of BOVBD, and a user-friendly mobile app with intuitive navigation. It enables end users to register, be approved by BOVBD and receive notifications, so that they can volunteer in urgent need campaigns, as well as ongoing donation campaigns, organized by BOVBD. On the other hand, people in need can make requests for urgent donation, and after having them published by BOVBD, reach the large network of volunteers.

The application is developed by Accedia pro bono to serve the mission of growing the community of people engaging in regular, anonymous, voluntary and benefit-free blood donation. You can learn more about the key features and technologies used in developing it here.

Ready to become a volunteer? Download the blood donation app for both IOS and Android. We’d appreciate it if you share the news with friends, so that we can all support a great cause!

App Store:

Google Play Store:

*literal translation – “Donate Blood”

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