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Blood Donation mobile App

About the App

More than 500 people in Bulgaria have a life-saving need for blood transfusion every day. 

After the COVID-19 disruption , it has become even more difficult to find blood donors and the emergency calls have jumped by more than 30%.

Our team recognized the urgent need for a solution that aids the voluntary, anonymous and safe blood donation process. We worked together with the Bulgarian Organization for Voluntary Blood Donation (BOVBD) to develop a new, improved version of the “Дари Кръв”(Donate Blood) application. 

The application aims to simplify the connection between voluntary blood donors and people in need of blood transfusions, and is available completely free of charge throughout the country.

Key features

The entirely rebuilt and modernized version of the application consists of an administrative management panel for the members of BOVBD, and a user-friendly mobile app with intuitive navigation. Some of the app key features enables registered users to:

Blood Donation Mobile Aoo

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