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Keeping team spirits high, win after win

At Accedia, being active is not just part of a healthy lifestyle, it also helps tremendously by enabling team members to bond in various ways outside of the office. The team continues to excel at certain sports, and recently have reached new heights.  

One of the most widespread activities throughout the company is running marathons together. Over the last few months, Accedians have taken part in the most well-known running events in the country, including the ones in Varna, Plovdiv, and many more. Other than consistently scoring impressively low running times, a notable recent achievement is our team members soldiering through a whopping 42 kilometers in the capital city of Sofia. Another long-lasting initiative is Accedia’s football team, which has had significant achievements over the last almost 10 years of the club’s existence, including trophies, medals, and more. 

If there, however, is one activity that Accedia is well-known by in the IT community, it must be chess. After numerous highly successful editions of the Accedia Masters series, including the latest in October, the team has proven their proficiency in the game of logic. It has hosted celebrities, grandmasters, and the best players from the IT community. 

Other prominent achievements include organizing the popular Accedia Table Tennis Championship, with another upcoming edition in November, where lovers of the sport in the IT industry will compete. Accedia’s tennis team also made us proud by securing various medals, trophies, and the Team cup at the first IT Tennis Trophy tournament back in May, as well as great achievements in the latest edition in October.

There are also other sports of interest that are gaining followers by the day, including the yoga practices, being held regularly by one of our team members, who is a certified instructor. People from various departments get together, united by a similar passion, and sharе moments that help the team be connected and engaged, all while staying in shape!

A big thank you to all our team members who are actively involved in organizing and participating in the mentioned activities!

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