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Accedia Masters IT Back in the Chess Game

We are happy to announce that Accedia Masters IT is back for a second season which will take place on 16th of April. A week after the opening of the registration, more than half of the provided spots are already filled. 

The series of chess events started in 2021 with the support of Georgi Peltekov, Tournament and Engineering Director. The idea is to create an environment for IT specialists to show and test their chess knowledge and skills. So far, it has drawn much attention both on social and in digital media.

The president of Bulgaria Rumen Radev made the first move on the chess board to open the season in October 2021. The available spots filled fast and the initiative welcomed fierce competition.We expect to see even stronger players and impressive chess game in this edition.

Are you curious to see the registered players till this moment? Or do you want to reserve your spot on the arena? You can do it on this link. The date is 16th of April and the location is Accedia office on “Henrik Ibsen” 13. All IT professionals are welcome!

Initiatives such as Accedia Masters IT help us promote knowledge-sharing within and beyond the company. Accedia stands 100% behind projects that inspire the team to advance technical and soft skills.

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