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Accedia Masters IT Edition 8 at a Record High with 120 Players

The Accedia Masters IT Chess Tournament, held in Sofia on April 20th, reached new heights in its eighth edition with a turnout of 120 players from 83 IT companies. This season not only set a new participation record but also showcased the depth of talent in the IT sector, with many players being rated on international chess lists.

This significant turnout highlights the unique appeal of the tournament among chess enthusiasts within the IT sector, many of whom have chosen programming and IT-related activities as their profession while maintaining their passion for chess. 

Rostislav Raev from Musalasoft dominated the competition, winning with an impressive score of 8 out of 9 points. Accedia’s own Nikolay Hristov, not only secured second place with 7.5 points but also earned recognition as the top performer from the organizing company. Svetlin Stoyanov from Accenture Bulgaria finished third, with his only loss to Hristov determining his position.

The tournament also celebrated the achievements of female players, with Stefka Stefanova-Georgieva from Apex Group leading with 6 points, followed by Viktoriya Terzieva from 2i Digital with 5 points, and Maria Dimova from the Technical University with 3 points.

Additionally, the top performers from Accedia were recognized, with Niki Hristov taking the top spot, followed by Stefan Dimitrov with 7 points and Halil Imamov with 4 points.

You can see more details about the final ranking on this link.

Nikolay Mutafov, one of Accedia’s managing partners, who also opened the event shared:

‘It’s exciting to see the Accedia Masters IT Chess Tournament grow with each edition. Today was an indication of the tournament’s increasing popularity within the IT community. We are already planning a next edition that will be even more engaging and competitive.’

With the conclusion of this successful event, anticipation is already building for a future tournament organized by Accedia, in which the top 10 from Accedia Masters IT eight edition will compete against the top players from the country. Stay tuned as we share more details on Accedia’s social channels.

Would you like to become a part of the Accedia Masters’ community? You can find more information here.

About Accedia Masters Tournaments 

Accedia Masters is an open chess championship for developers and professional chess players. The series of chess events started in 2021 with the support of Georgi Peltekov, Tournament Director and Engineering Director. The idea is to create an environment for specialists from different industries to show and test their chess knowledge and skills.

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