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Techdriven companies are carefully crafting innovative solutions and thinking forward to get ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Find out how we can help you drive results!

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We work with tech companies in multiple ways, from integrations performed for large enterprise vendors, through omni-channel solutions for telecommunications providers or digital agencies delivering user experience projects, to product development for tech startups.

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B2B digital leaders drive 5 times as much revenue growth than their peers


Respondents to the 2019 Technology Industry Innovation Survey rank IoT as the top driver of business transformation over the next 3 years



of tech CEOs are confident in the growth of the tech industry


Sign in with Apple: AppleAuth Java Library

At the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced its “Sign in with Apple” feature as the equivalent of “Sign in with Facebook” or “Google Sign in”. This is Apple’s way of providing the option for users to sign into apps without having to rely on an external identity provider like Facebook or Twitter. Most

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Top 6 Data Science Tools & Languages to Consider for your Project

Ever since the pandemic accelerated the digitalization of businesses, the volumes of digital data have grown exponentially. And even though Data Science is not a new concept, it has indeed become one of the fastest-growing aspects of the IT industry. When it comes to implementing AI and ML into a software development project, though, it

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