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Techdriven companies are carefully crafting innovative solutions and thinking forward to get ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Find out how we can help you drive results!

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We work with tech companies in multiple ways, from integrations performed for large enterprise vendors, through omni-channel solutions for telecommunications providers or digital agencies delivering user experience projects, to product development for tech startups.

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B2B digital leaders drive 5 times as much revenue growth than their peers


Respondents to the 2019 Technology Industry Innovation Survey rank IoT as the top driver of business transformation over the next 3 years



of tech CEOs are confident in the growth of the tech industry


Exceptional 10 Years of Accedia: Where We Started and Where We are Heading

In the life of every company, as well as of every person, there are key moments or anniversaries that are worth taking a note of. This is also the case with Accedia’s 10 birthday, which took place last week, October 15, 2022.

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Accedia’s take on Company Values: How to Make them Work?

Company values ensure that business operations are always aligned with the company vision. They help bring team members together. They serve as both a compass to take companies where they want to go and prevent from whatever is holding back progress.

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