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Industry 4.0 is rapidly transforming the manufacturing industry, and the best-performing companies keep pace with the increasing digitization. Find out how we employ cutting-edge technology to help you drive innovation and improve performance.

domain expertise

We specialize in modernizing asset and order management, optimizing production operations with data insights and improving the efficiency of planning through predictive analytics. Let us support you in capitalizing digital resources to maximize revenue and get more agile and well-informed in decision-making.

Among our projects


of manufacturers rate themselves as “highly prepared” to address emerging business models



less costs, 50% less unplanned outages and machinery life extended by years, achieved thanks to predictive technology



of manufacturers claim to be dramatically increasing their level of digitization and commit about 5% of their revenues


Manufacturing Portfolio

With a careful combination of automation with data insights and predictive analytics, we delivered innovative solutions that support the modernization and optimization of production operations. Access 10+ success stories of solutions developed for leading manufacturers in Europe and the US.


How Accedia grows the best IT talents?

It is never an easy task to find qualified and skilled specialists, especially in today’s hungry-for IT talent marketplace. That is why we have been supporting the development of our software consultants’ expertise since day 1.  Every member of the team is a part of Accedia’s holistic career development program. It includes certification and training

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