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IDC Season 8 Redefines Learning with AI

Accedia Innovation Development Center (IDC) has now completed its 8th season! With each edition, we aim to explore the latest and most innovative trends and technologies while positively impacting our community.

This season, we focused on the theme of learning and development, driven by our belief in the transformative potential of AI in education. We explored how technology can personalize content and curricula, making learning more engaging and immersive for children, thereby revolutionizing traditional education as we know it.

Running from October 2023 to March 2024, the season involved pitching ideas, assembling teams, building the solutions, and culminating in a demonstration to the entire company. This year was particularly exciting with a record number of participants engaging in the initiative. Six teams with over 50 software and QA consultants, product owners, designers, and others, rolled up their sleeves crafting their own platforms.

The projects leveraged the power of AI tools such as GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT, and Azure Speech Service. As a result, the developed solutions include a VR language learning platform, a portal for generating children’s stories, a solution for personalized learning, a quiz-generating application, a weekly meal plan generator, and an automatic website generator. Each of these solutions successfully proves the capabilities of AI and its role in shaping future education!

About IDC

IDC is a skill-sharing initiative that supports the realization of team members’ innovative ideas into actual software solutions. The program is designed to celebrate individual talent, ideas, and entrepreneurial skills while fostering teamwork, and collaboration and encouraging learning from one another.

Want to take part in IDC Season 9 starting in October? Make sure to keep an eye on our open positions.

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