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Workation: The Accedia Way

What exactly is a workation?

You’ve probably heard of the word ‘workation’ by now. A friend of yours was going on and on about how awesome it is and how it helps with concentrating and being more efficient at work. Still not understanding the concept? Don’t worry, we’re here to clear it all up!

So, what exactly is the so-called workation. By definition, it’s a blend of working and a vacation. How so? Well, imagine having a lot to do at the office, but still needing some downtime to recover and clear your mind. So, you pack your bags and go to a great, sunny location up in the mountains, or down by the sea. So far sounds like a standard vacation, but there’s a catch. You take your laptop with you. Genius, right? You’re still doing all the work that needs to be done, but instead of staring at a wall at best, you have a great view of a gorgeous location and are listening to birds, not that annoying printer.

Consider the following, before diving in!

Now that you understand how awesome a workation is, you are rushing to get your suitcase and book a flight to somewhere exotic. That’s great, but before you do that, please consider some of the following advice. 

First, check if your workplace supports working remotely for any amount of time. Here, at Accedia, we have adopted a “forever-hybrid” approach, meaning that all our team members are free to blend working from our office and from any point of the country, for as long as they wish. That, however, might not be the case everywhere. If your employer does approve, the next logical step is to share the plan and selected dates with your manager. Everyone is giving you the green light, so you’re all set, right? Well, not really. The next step is preparing for your departure in a timely manner. That includes finishing all urgent tasks, as well as informing your coworkers of your intentions. The reasoning here is that if things were to go wrong when you’re away, your colleagues would be prepared to react and help out. 

Also, make sure that your destination provides adequate Internet connection at all times and be ready to use your smartphone as a hotspot if all goes south. Oh, and one last thing. Don’t forget your laptop!

Workation mode – on! Now what?

Ok! You’re finally ready to start your workation. As soon as you’re at your destination, you have a couple of things to check. First and foremost, test your Internet connection. Is it really as good as you thought it would be? After that, be sure to plan every day of your stay. Let’s be real, you’re not there to stay put between the four walls of your hotel room or caravan! Consider if you will be able to concentrate and not be distracted by any external influence.

A workation – accedia style!

It’s no wonder Accedia supports workations. There are many benefits of changing your work surroundings. It boosts your productivity and stands for a better work-life balance. Below we illustrate the stories of our colleagues who have taken the leap.

A camping getaway

remote work by the beach

A one-month workation at Gardenia Camping, just meters away from the sea. Sound great, right? That is exactly what Plamen Koychev, one of our Managing Partners, thought too! In his words, having a reliable alternate source of connection is always a must. Finding a calm and quiet spot to work from without distractions, where you could grab a quick bite to eat is also a factor that should be considered. And of course, always try to be as comfortable as possible! A challenge he encountered is some loss of stable Internet connection, but he worked around it with the use of his smartphone’s hotspot function. It’s always good to have a plan B when it comes to the essentials! 

Varna – oh, beautiful, Varna

Workation by the pool

Everyone in the maritime capital is so positive, helping and inviting all the time! For Gergana Shopova, an experienced Software Consultant, the best aspect of taking a workation in Varna was having the ability to combine working in a new, inspiring environment and visiting many new locations with friends after work, get lost in the history of the place, its culture and most importantly – its energy. What she also likes is the fact that you get to escape the big city, which is always a bonus! Being close to the seashore doesn’t hurt too!

The dream group workation

Workation yoga

In the middle of April, we gave our team the opportunity to participate in the group workation of their dreams at The Legend Villas, Art Homes, a picturesque location near the city of Gabrovo. There, they had the chance to adapt their everyday routine to new surroundings and cooperate with each other among nature and serenity. According to some of the lucky participants, bonding with coworkers from other departments and sharing ideas for an external opinion was the biggest positive. Finding a secluded spot to attend calls and do some creative work was a bit challenging. That, however, inspired their creativity and was worked around by simply using the solitude of a separate room or going out in the garden. The best part? We’re planning another one soon.

In conclusion

A workation might seem like a daunting undertaking at first. Yet, if you take advantage of all the mentioned tips and real-life examples, set clear boundaries for work and leisure time, you should be all set. Now that you’re all up to speed, it’s time to plan, pack and go for it! On the other hand, if you simply need some time off and want to escape, just consider taking an old-school vacation and leave the laptop far, far behind.

Want to have the freedom of working from any location in the country and join your future coworkers at the next Accedia Workation? Find more information about our current job openings at:

Nikolay is a Marketing Associate at Accedia. He is a passionate tech-savvy storyteller with a soft spot for good music and the visual arts.


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