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Agile software development in Banking and Manufacturing

Today, agile mindset is the key to achieving digital transformation. Join our experts as they share valuable insights on overcoming the barriers of traditional organizations and integrating agile software development in banking and manufacturing. 

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In this exclusive webinar, you will learn how to break the barriers to going agile in software development and innovation projects in traditional sectors like banking and manufacturing.  


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About the presentors

Temenuzhka Kurteva
Ivan Lazarov

Temenuzhka is a Business Development Manager at Accedia with 10+ years of experience in business development in the IT sector. Currently, her focus is entirely on helping companies worldwide build high-performing software development teams that deliver innovative software solutions. She is also proficient in strategy analytics, business planning and team effectiveness management.

Ivan is a Senior Business Analyst at Accedia. He is passionate about problem-solving, always trying to find a better way to deliver value to his clients. Strong Agile believer and supporter, Ivan is applying agile methods to his projects, whenever he has the chance.

about accedia

Accedia is a professional IT services company, specializing in Technology Consulting, Software Development and IT Operations Management. Founded in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Accedia has become one of the fastest growing technology companies in EMEA, according to Deloitte and Financial Times. 

Learn more about Acccedia’s experience in agile software development. 

AI in Finance: Advantages, Use Cases, and Challenges

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Machine Learning for Analyzing Unstructured Data in Finance

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