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TechZone: Accedia‘s New Tech Podcast

Excited to announce that recently Accedia launched a new tech podcast  – TechZone! The show aims to uncover the process of technology product development through the lens of experienced professionals from various fields.

It offers listeners an in-depth look into the world of technology projects, featuring software engineers, product experts, UI/UX designers, and stakeholders. Each episode covers a specific software development topic ranging from engineering, product, process, quality, and management. The podcast provides valuable insights for businesses across industries such as Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Finance & Insurance, Technology, and more.

In the first episode, our team explores the synergy of the Product Trio – Business Analyst, Designer, and Engineer. More specifically they talk about how the three pillars manage to enhance development processes and empower teams to create a successful tech product. You can learn about the benefits, challenges, and successful practices when implementing the Product Trio model. As well as, why aspects such as effective communication and collaboration can be crucial.

Tune in to TechZone and join the journey into the heart of tech innovation! Listen to the first episode of the tech podcast on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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