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Multiple Awards for Technological Excellence and Sustainability

Three awards in just one day! We were recognized by the IT Europa Channel Awards, ICA Compliance Awards for Sustainability Initiative of the Year, and Globee Awards for Top IT Service Provider of the Year.

Our CEO, Nikolay Mutafov attended the IT Europa Channel Awards 2024 in London as we were double finalists.  Shortly after our success at the IT Europa Channel Awards, he went to the ceremony of the ICA Awards to take first prize for ESG best practices. These awards were received less than 24 hours apart.

“I was honored to join industry leaders from global companies at the award ceremonies. Our team is motivated to push even further in our pursuit of excellence and innovation,” said Nikolay.

Furthermore, the Gold in the Globee® Awards as a Top IT Service Provider of the Year reflects our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions in the technology sector. The Globee® Awards for Technology are among the world’s premier business awards programs, renowned for their rigorous judging process. Over 2,145 judges from around the globe, who are experts across various industries, participate in the evaluation process to ensure fairness and comprehensive assessment. Winning a Globee® Award places Accedia among a distinguished group of companies that are driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to their customers and stakeholders.

As Accedia celebrates these prestigious recognitions, we remain dedicated to our mission of driving technological advancement and sustainability. We strive to make a positive impact through our innovative solutions and responsible business practices.

About Accedia:

Accedia is an EU-based IT company headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in technology consulting and software development. Founded in 2012, the company has since gained recognition for its rapid expansion and service excellence by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, Deloitte, and the Financial Times. The company offers services in application development, data analytics, cloud computing, AI and ML, and cybersecurity. Accedia’s recognition and excellence serve clients in over 20 countries, continually pushing the boundaries of IT to empower businesses worldwide.

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