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Microsoft Envision & Ignite 2017

Our team just came back from Microsoft’s latest innovation in conferences –Envision and Ignite, the junction between executive and technology agendas. The two events ran simultaneously in sunny Florida for the week of 25-29 September.

Envision was all about leadership lessons, and the key ingredients for running a successful digital transformation. Satya Nadella, accompanied by leading figures like Michelle Obama emphasized the importance of the growth mindset and human values before technology progress as a centerpiece of empowering the people and organizations of the future. Some of Microsoft’s HR, Marketing and Legal executives spoke first-hand on the organizational change Microsoft is going through and how it stays on track thanks to the supportive company culture. The combination of empathy and technology is what makes the latest achievements in the areas of modern workplace, business applications, AI and quantum computing possible, which the corporation highlighted in Orlando.

Ignite, on the other hand, was the all-in-one gathering for technology professionals, presenting them with the latest advancements in collaboration, cloud and analytics from Microsoft. From software engineers to DevOps specialists and data scientists, everyone could find a session of interest to interact with technology and the creators behind it.

As a renown partner, Accedia could build on our relationship with the Microsoft community and engage in strategic discussions on enabling digital transformation for businesses from various industries and customer experience journeys. We had the opportunity to share success stories of how we deliver and interact with customers, to stand up the promise of professional and innovative services. In the same time, we brought lots of fresh views on executives’ topmost concerns and aspirations back to Bulgaria, inspired to integrate them into our approach to solving business challenges through technology.

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