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Joining Paws for a Shelter Dog Cause


Volunteers from Accedia have just launched a new initiative for dog lovers and more people are just joining in.  Our team is striving to organize regular visits to a dog shelter in Bulgaria to walk the dogs there.

Our first visit was to Seslavtsi on the 28th of January.  We gathered a group of 30 people that participated and walked the dogs from the local dog shelter. Last Sunday, the 19th of February, we visited the dog shelter for a second time and had a lot of fun with our friends on four paws.

Organizing such initiatives is important to us not only because we’re bonding over one shared cause but also because we believe that together we can make a positive impact. All causes are suggested and driven by our colleagues and fully supported by Accedia.

We are working together with the organization “Bandita na 1500-te” -a voluntary organization that strives to bring love into dogs’ lives and change people’s mindset when it comes to dogs in shelters.

We’re thrilled that we get to share our love with the puppies! We are just getting started, and we can’t wait to play with the dogs once again. Join us in our mission to bring more love to the dogs in shelters!

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