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Certified for a Class A Investor

Accedia obtained an official Certificate for Investor Class A under the Investment Promotion Act on November 28, 2018. The certificate was issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and given by Minister Emil Karanikolov for an investment project intending to create 120 jobs in IT & Technology over the next three years. Accedia’s investment will assist in the expansion of the Bulgarian economy, especially the growing IT industry by giving more software developers the chance to improve, innovate and create value.

The certificate was received by Nikolay Mutafov, CEO and Eliana Bogdanova, Finance Manager at Accedia. “We are grateful to be given this opportunity to further grow our company and contribute to the local IT community. This investment incentive will also help us with the development of our own software products. We hope to successfully continue our cooperation with the State,” said Nikolay Mutafov.

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