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Microsoft Inspire 2021: Accedia’s Highlights

TAGS: Cloud,

This month, we were excited to be a part of Microsoft’s largest annual partner event – Microsoft Inspire! For a second year in a row, we participated online and enjoyed a plethora of keynotes on various topics, some including very exciting announcements.

The most notable technologies will improve workflow and assist us with faster delivery  of better solutions to our clients. Those include:

  • Windows 365 – a cloud-based virtual computer that gives you access to all your data from every place or device securely and by the principles of Zero Trust.
  • Secure Access of Dynamics 365 through Teams – a solution that removes the barriers between collaboration and business processes, making us even happier to have recently become an official Dynamics 365 partner!
  • Microsoft 365 Lighthouse – a technology, enabling the monitoring and management of device compliance across your customers from one place. It also serves as a standardization tool for managing a user base efficiently. The solution is at a public preview stage as of now.

After the pilot keynote, traditionally held by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, the discussed topics were diverse and included everything from data protection, cloud services, and technological advancements, to inclusivity in management, post-pandemic agility, and the “New Normal” workstyle.

The event was online, but still provided a great platform for connecting with technology leaders from around the world. We had a meaningful conversation on utilizing the latest technologies for addressing the new and upcoming business challenges and are looking forward to seeing more of what Microsoft has to offer!

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