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Accedia Wins Best DevOps-as-a-Service Award 2024

Accedia won Computing’s DevOps Excellence Awards 2024 for Best Implementation of DevOps-as-a-Service. This is a first recognition for the company by the notable UK-based Computing media and it signifies our commitment to highest standards in DevOps services that improve operational performance and sustainability compliance for our clients.

The awarded category acknowledges the work of Accedia with UK clients in financial services and hospitality that often need to process huge amounts of customer data securely. We are particularly focused on optimizing software development processes with the help of AI in DevOps. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics, Accedia’s DevOps services successfully forecast cloud resource requirements, thus helping plan and align development activities and consequently – reducing operational waste.

On the customer end, analyzing customer feedback and inquiries with Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps implement enhancements in customer service, offering more personalized and responsive experiences.

We are extremely proud to have been recognized for our continuous investments in implementing technological innovations that help our clients stay competitive in an ever more demanding global environment. Our latest initiative supporting this vision is the Accedia Cyber Resilience Program which employs the skills of our top DevOps and Cyber Security consultants to equip IT infrastructures with unmatched security against growing digital threats. Finally, all of these efforts are implemented with sustainability in mind, making operations more efficient in terms of cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.

We’re looking forward to more wins – for both us and our clients!

About DevOps Excellence Awards

The DevOps Excellence Awards, hosted by Computing, is an annual celebration of excellence in the field of DevOps. Scheduled for 14th March 2024 in London, it brings together the top professionals in the industry to recognize achievements in applying DevOps methodologies. The awards highlight the best in innovation and efficiency in DevOps, making it a significant event for those in the technology sector.

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