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Accedia: AWS Service Delivery Partner for AWS Lambda

Accedia is advancing its AWS partnership status by becoming part of the AWS Service Delivery Program as validation for following the best AWS Lambda practices! This is an exciting step forward, recognizing our skills, knowledge, and demonstrated experience in advanced AWS services.

For years Accedia has been offering its clients complete AWS Development services including consulting, prototyping, development, migration, and continuous optimization. By specializing in a wide range of AWS services we provide faster deployment and scaling, outstanding DevOps support, the option to select the most suitable technologies and operating systems, and much more.

Now Accedia is one of the organizations acknowledged and validated as providing high-quality assistance to AWS clients and achieving exceptional results and customer satisfaction. By becoming part of the AWS Service Delivery Program, we are able to stay ahead of the AWS technology innovations by receiving early access to AWS services and products releases previews and roadmaps.

Offering AWS Lambda Consulting services Accedia can help its clients build AWS Serverless solutions, embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovation, and ultimately accelerate their cloud journey. AWS Lambda speeds up time-to-market, reduces costs, and increases security. It enables code execution without the need to provision for a server instance and doesn’t require investments in rigid infrastructure solutions. By trusting Accedia’s AWS Lambda Consulting services clients can also benefit from the automated multi-region backups, easily increased or decreased storage, pricing plans charged by the hour, higher transfer stability, and much more. Using Serverless technologies Accedia enables cloud computing powers, builds cloud applications for different industries, and automates DevOps processes such as Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration.

As a Service Delivery partner Accedia is now featured on the APN Partner Solutions Finder (PSF) where you can learn all about our APN Program designations, service locations, case studies, and even submit a contact request.

You can learn more about Accedia’s AWS services or explore further our AWS Partner profile.

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