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Accedia at HackConf 2019

Accedia recently took part in HackConf 2019 – one of the most popular software development conferences in Bulgaria. Quite a few team members attended the event to present the company to local programmers and engage in a dialogue on various subject matters. One of them, Martin Ivanov, also held a talk on the topic of “ES9, ES10, and Beyond. ECMAScript Release Roadmap”.

In his lecture, Martin revealed the history of JavaScript and JavaScript standardization, as well as explained how new features in ECMAScript versions are created and maintained. His presentation sparked a lively discussion about new JavaScript functionalities and what can be expected in the near future. “I was super excited to see that lots of people came to listen to my talk and support me. I loved the discussion afterwards and I also hope I can take part in next year’s HackConf.” – Martin Ivanov, Senior Software Consultant at Accedia.

Accedia also had a booth at the event and had prepared a raffle involving solving puzzles, along with a few algorithmic and logical code challenges. A lot of people participated in the games and showed enthusiasm for the creativity behind them. What is more, our colleagues got to talk to many fellow tech enthusiasts about current development trends, scaling, productivity, performance improvement tactics, different programming styles and methodologies, ML and hot technologies, such as React, Angular, Selenium, Python and more.  

Overall, Accedia team members had a blast at the conference and enjoyed the trendy, yet practical lectures and workshops. We think that meeting so many like-minded professionals with a real passion for the tech world should happen more often!

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