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Growing the Bulgarian IT Community with Coding Girls

On July 10, 2019, Accedia hosted Coding Girls – a global organization dedicated to promoting an increased presence of women in tech, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Supporting their mission to educate, engage and empower, together we organized a workshop under the name From Zero to Frontend Herо with Angular, which aimed at introducing the programming language and its use to aspired developers. 

Kicking off with an opening keynote by Jovita Kazemekaityte from Coding Girls, the exclusive workshop was given by Martin Ivanov, a Senior Software Consultant at Accedia. He commented that “It was a new experience for the attendees and I was really surprised how well they handled the tasks. An evidence that everyone can get into tech when they are determined and dedicated.”

Four other members from our company took part in the Q&A and shared knowledge and personal experience. They were excited to answer questions regarding the choice of language for a career start and give advice on developing their knowledge in the framework. 

The gathering concluded with a networking that presented an opportunity to talk to role models and engage in discussions about a career in the IT industry.

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