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accedia innovation development center

What is Accedia Innovation Development Center?

The Innovation Development Center (IDC) is a skill-sharing initiative launched for the first time in 2017 as part of the talent development strategy at Accedia. It supports the realization of the team members’ innovative ideas into software solutions with the help of the company itself and mentors in Software Engineering, HR, Marketing, and Sales.

Benefits behind IDC

Here at Accedia, we value each and everyone’s passion, unique personality, and eagerness to learn and develop. By creating IDC, we celebrate both individual talent and ideas along with teamwork and effort. IDC is built on the idea of the common goal, the culture of learning from one another, and the path to finding new skills.

Excel team collaboration skills


Receive mentor support throughout the entire season


Generate innovative applications and improve product development skills

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Develop and advance both soft and technical skills


Nourish entrepreneurial talent

IDC rulebook

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Season 1 of IDC took place back in 2017 when thanks to advanced technical expertise the contestants created innovative applications for education, the automotive sector, and more. One of the best-performed projects was My Car Service – a native Android application created for vehicle owners to keep records of maintenance costs and service procedures and receive notifications for any upcoming part change, repair, or document expiration. Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, XML, SQLite, MySQL
Season 3 brought us Aether Defense – a strategy mobile cross-platform game designed to recreate the traditional Tower Defense experience with a modern Augmented Reality spin. Blending the classic virtual world into the real one, the game features a map layout, waves of marching enemy attackers, and possessions and territories which must be defended. Players are offered endless replay value and a wide variety of customization options, while the co-op mode also allows for multiple people to play together.
Technologies: Blender, Unity, Firebase, Google AdMob

in the making


Pawlium is a next-generation IoT smart pet collar localizer created via Helium – a decentralized blockchain network. The solution works through a mobile application, which lets you track your pet’s activity and location, preventing it from getting lost or stolen. It can also be used as a training aid, for storing and organizing pet data,  and much more. The end goal of the project is to create a lighter, more elegant, and significantly smaller in size product,  comfortable for the pet to wear.

Technologies: Ionic, NestJS, Micropython, Helium Console,  Azure IoT Hub, Azure CI/CD

smart parking

SmartParking is a parking system, which informs users of available parking spots through a mobile application. It uses sensors, built into the ground within each parking space, which then send information to the application. Once all spaces have been filled users receive a notification alerting them of the change. This means that people can secure their parking before even leaving their homes.  The solution also helps save time, reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. 

Technologies: Python, Azure DevOps/Visual Studio Online, Terraform, Docker


MindWatch is a mental health platform, which provides users with a secure and discrete way to track and take care of their mental health. The solution offers a scoring system measuring how a user is feeling, a diary section,  and more. Using Machine Learning the platform estimates if users would benefit from additional help and connects them to certified professionals, who provide online therapy sessions. The solution helps raise awareness for mental health and reduce the stigma around it.

Technologies: Azure DevOps/Visual Studio Online, Python, Azure Machine Learning, Azure SQL Database, Kubernetes


AVA  is a Machine Learning based voice assistant, which provides information when prompted by voice commands. AVA is able to understand Bulgarian, comprehend questions, and return fully structured logical answers. One of the main functionalities includes identifying free parking spots through an integration with the available cameras in the parking garage. This voice and handsfree interaction provides convenience by making certain operations and activities much easier and faster for the end-user. 

Technologies: Python, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, OpenCV


Venty is a web application designed to help groups of people organize and manage work events in co-working spaces, restaurants, cafes, and others. It provides the efficiency of project management tools with an easy space booking functionality and a digital distribution function. The solution is extremely convenient and useful, especially in the hybrid and remote work environment most of the world is currently in. It helps users track future events and reservations, communicate with friends and colleagues, and more. 

Technologies: Angular, Django, REST

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