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Terms & Conditions

By submitting your recommendation you are stating that the information provided by you is eligible for this initiative and that you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • Accedia can process the personal data entered by you in the Recommendation Form for the recommended candidate to the company. The company can use this information to contact you, verify the authenticity of the recommendation as well as for proceeding with the reward if applicable.
  • You have informed the recommended candidate about passing his/her personal data to Accedia and that you have received in preliminary the consent of that person for concession of his/her personal information to company, which can be proven on request. The company may directly contact the recommended person entirely for recruitment purposes.
  • Accedia will process the provided information only and exclusively in compliance with the company’s Privacy Policy and according to the requirements of personal data protection laws in Bulgaria.
  • Your Referral Candidate:
    • Must be a candidate that Accedia is not actively recruiting or who has had a dialogue about career opportunities within the last 6 months.
    • If your referred candidate is hired, they must remain employed with Accedia for a minimum of 3 months for you to receive your bonus payout.
  • All awards will be paid in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation and regulations of the NRA. Awards are not paid up for attracting possible clients to Accedia and do not represent remuneration for professional recruitment services.
  • Temporary, contract and former employees of Accedia will not be considered bonus qualifying referrals.
  • Any referral is valid for 4 months from the time of submission.

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