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  • Redux vs GraphQL

    ReactJS architecture – how to decide between Redux and GraphQL

    22 Jan 2019

    The start of a greenfield project is a time when crucial decisions must be made. This can be quite the challenging task, especially if you are not that familiar with a certain technology. Therefore, this blog post intends to help you make the right architectural choice when it comes to utilizing ReactJS for your UI.

  • Hybrid Authentication

    The Shortcut to Enabling Hybrid Authentication in Azure

    09 Jan 2019

    Implementing a secure authentication used to require deep understanding of security, including federation, encryption, JSON web tokens (JWT) management, grant types, and more. Fortunately, today the advancements of Microsoft Azure provide all these necessary functions which free up your time and allow you to spend more efforts and energy on providing business value to your customer.

  • Technology highlights of 2018

    Tech highlights of 2018 & how to choose the right tech stack for your project in 2019

    20 Dec 2018

    As the IT industry evolves, new technologies climb up the ladder and others begin to fade and slowly lose their popularity. With so many innovators competing for a place under the spotlight, what constitutes a breakthrough technology?

  • Technology in Manifacturing & Utilities

    CTO’s questions answered – leading technology transformation in Manufacturing & Utilities

    05 Dec 2018

    Accedia is a strategic innovation partner of startups and established companies in manufacturing, construction & utilities in Switzerland, Germany and France. Therefore, we have come up with an extensive list of reasons to be proactive and steps to ensure your transformation success is signed, sealed and delivered.

  • teamn213

    6 Traits of Accedia’s ideal team member

    04 Oct 2018

    As Accedia’s 6th birthday is approaching, we have decided to share the six characteristics that best define our team and the culture of openness, learning and collaboration that can be best seen on the inside. Led by the belief that the team is a mirror of the company culture, we look beyond our job candidates’ knowledge in the field.

  • AWS Regions

    Costs of AWS regions and availability zones: take the shortest data path

    17 Sep 2018

    When setting up AWS, one of the first decisions you must make before you can do anything with it is which region to choose. Unfortunately, proximity is not always the answer or at least, it’s not that simple. Discover all factors that go into selecting features as not all regions are the same.

  • adult-brainstorming-business-515169

    Practicing Lykke at work

    17 Sep 2018

    Many might think that a person is either happy with their job or not, but a few would agree that happiness is a process. Inspired by the “Little book of Lykke” by Mike Wiking, our team at Accedia decided to investigate what makes a happy workplace and share ideas for practicing lykke.

  • DevOps

    DevOps: efficient application delivery

    17 Sep 2018

    Hiding endless challenges, the end-to-end dev cycle involves a number of moving parts that must fit together perfectly to make a working product. Read about the DevOps practices and tools that have proved to be immensely helpful in delivering stable and reliable software products.

  • Improvisation

    Principles of improvisation, Part 2

    17 Sep 2018

    The second part of "Principles of improvisation" and how they can help oneself improve both personally and professionally.

  • Courage

    Principles of improvisation

    17 Sep 2018

    Nowadays, improvisation techniques are used not only in theatres but also in schools, personal and business development trainings, psychotherapy, brainstorming sessions, etc. Learn how the improv principles can help you be a better person in everyday life.

  • innovation2

    Innovation in outsourcing — a how-to checklist

    17 Sep 2018

    A new era is waving at us - one where the concept of innovation created outside the enterprise doesn't seem that daunting. Find out how you can speed up innovation realization in collaboration with a strategic partner.

  • Intrapreneurship

    Intrapreneurship or how to develop entrepreneurship skills at a big company

    17 Sep 2018

    Entrepreneurship is hard, requires time, skills and effort that not every person has and would like to dedicate. There are, however, other ways that can still bring you the joy of working on your own idea.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional and interpersonal intelligence

    17 Sep 2018

    Interpersonal intelligence is the kind of emotional intelligence we have to use in a dynamic people-related work environment. Working on 4 main things related to interpersonal intelligence will lead to better understanding of the outer world and our inner selves.

  • Git4_linkedIn

    Best practices for using Git

    17 Sep 2018

    Git is considered today's most popular tool for version control. How is Git different compared to SVN and how to use it effectively? We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of both version control systems and share the best practices for using Git.

  • Women in IT

    Career in IT: a female perspective

    04 Sep 2018

    In celebration of Women’s International Day, we’ve decided to ask our female colleagues about their choice of career and the experience of working in what is traditionally considered a male-dominated industry.