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AWS Serverless:
AWS Lambda Consulting Practice

Providing AWS Lambda Consulting Services to help you build AWS Serverless solutions, drive innovation and accelerate your cloud journey.

Benefits of AWS Serverless

Accedia is an AWS Consulting Partner with experience in building and managing cloud solutions for both enterprise clients as well as fast-growing startups. Based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, we cover the full spectrum of AWS capabilities to help clients take advantage of public, private or hybrid cloud in their innovation efforts instead of dealing with the infrastructural underpinnings.

We believe Serverless is the way to go when it comes to enabling cloud computing power suitable to specific needs and scale. Using Serverless technologies, we build native cloud applications to suit different lines of business, and automate DevOps processes like Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery.

AWS Lambda on its own is a cloud computing technology enabling code execution without having to provision for a server instance. The lack of investments in rigid infrastructure solutions, helps you get new products to market and new features in production faster, more secure, and at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

AWS Development Services


Choosing the right technology stack is at the foundation of your project success. Aside from AWS Lambda, we are experts in a wide spectrum of AWS services, and can help you make the best decision, considering your requirements and business specifics. View more about our AWS capabilities at our AWS Partner profile.

Top 3 Factors Shaping the IT Outsourcing in Bulgaria

Table of Contents Bulgarian IT outsourcing has been thriving for more than a decade despite any economic or political turbulence that we might have experienced. The reasons behind that are many – its IT infrastructure, internet speed, the large number of skilled professionals, moderate prices, and flat corporate taxes. As proof in 2021, the international

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How Accedia grows the best IT talents?

It is never an easy task to find qualified and skilled specialists, especially in today’s hungry-for IT talent marketplace. That is why we have been supporting the development of our software consultants’ expertise since day 1.  Every member of the team is a part of Accedia’s holistic career development program. It includes certification and training

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