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The launch of Accedia Tech Spotlight

Last week, we started a project that connects bright minds, looking to get their hands on everything new in software languages, framework and tools.

Accedia Tech Spotlight is a series of invite-only events uncovering the latest technology releases that catch everyone’s attention. On Dec, 5th an exclusive group of people were brought together to learn what’s to come in the long awaited Vue.JS 3.0.

Boris Mavrodiev, one of our full-stack engineers and a genuine enthusiast about all-things React, Angular & Vue, led the audience through the challenges of the current Vue.js 2 release and gave a practical perspective on the improvements, scheduled for early 2020. His presentation evolved into talks on how to best utilize Vue.js, lasting more than 2 hours!

If you were there, we welcome you to the community! In any case, look out for a personalized invitation to one of our upcoming Accedia Tech Spotlight editions, bringing forth a different topic every time. We promise to deliver a unique experience!

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