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That’s a wrap on IDC Season 6

Another year and another season of IDC has gone by. Five teams and just four months to come up with an idea, create the scope of the project, and start working on the development. Four months of constant ideation, collaboration, growth, and of course, hard work.   

This season was particularly interesting due to the innovative explored areas such as Machine Learning, AI, and Voice Recognition. Some of the cutting-edge technologies used include Helium Console, Azure Machine Learning, Azure DevOps, Python, and more.   

Here are all five developed solutions this season: 

  • Accedia Voice Assistant (AVA) – able to understand and answer questions, count the free parking spots, and even tell jokes!   
  • MindWatch – a platform allowing secure and easy tracking of users’ mental health and connects them to certified specialists when needed. 
  • SmartParking – helping users find a free parking spot even before heading out to the office. 
  • Venty – a web application allowing users to easily organizing and manage group events.
  • Pawlium – allows users to track the activity of their pet, train it, and even prevent it from getting stolen or lost.  

Congratulations to all teams who took part in IDC this season. Thank you for proving once again that together we can enable innovation!  

About Accedia’s Innovation Development Center  

IDC was first launched in 2017 with the goal to nurture a growth mindset, curiosity, collaboration, and talent development. After the successful start of the initiative, it has now become part of our company culture and identity. You can learn more about IDC here

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