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Recognized in the GSA’s Top Employer Index

We are excited to share that Accedia is one of the top three companies recently acknowledged in the new Global Sourcing Association’s Service Provider Top Employer Index! The award is meant to honor companies that have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in the recruitment, retention and upskilling of their workforces. GSA’s Top Employer Index evaluates organizations not only on the basis of their talent management, workplace environment and culture, but also looks to find those with significant contributions to the local and global IT industry.

Accedia is greatly investing in the well-being of its talents as it promotes strong values and maintains excellent professional development approach, as well as exciting employee engagement activities. Its focus has been laid on the cultivation of an inspiring environment through open communication, effective learning practices and innovation-led initiatives. The company is also reinforcing sustainability through its regular Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors and its mission to support and nurture the next generation of tech gurus. The fact that Accedia has received such recognition speaks for itself – we are on the right path! Making a difference in our community, we are proving that in today’s rapidly changing Sourcing sector it is not only about staff augmentation, but about talent empowerment that creates business value and technology progress.

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