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Donate Blood App: Helping Save Lives Through Voluntary Blood Donation

Back in 2020, Accedia developed a mobile app for the Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation (BOVBD). The Donate Blood app facilitates the work of the organization’s volunteers who seek to match people in need of blood transfusion with those willing to and capable of donating. Less than 4 years after its launch, the BOVBD is witnessing remarkable results and we wanted to share them and help solidify their great cause!

Comparing 2023 to 2022, the Donate Blood has registered pronounced growth in multiple indicators. Users of the app have grown by close to 50%, while the verified donors have increased by 30%. In 2023 fulfilled donations have grown by more than 80%, which means that overall, more than 6000 people have been helped! The activity of BOVBD and the app have also been featured in the European Commission’s report “Blood Donation in The EU: Exploring Behavioral Insights For Innovative Interventions”, providing an overview of the blood donation landscape in EU countries.

Even though requests for help still grow faster than the availability of people who can donate, those results indicate the great job done by BOVBD in
communicating the benefits of voluntary blood donation and us, at Accedia, in helping them realize their mission with the help of technology. The team has planned UI/UX and app flow improvements to further ease registration and signing up for donation campaigns or urgent requests for aid.

Download the app and help spread the cause of voluntary blood donation in your circle of family and friends. Everyone can help, irrespective of whether they can actually donate blood!

App Store:дари-кръв

Google Play Store:

Stay tuned for more news on the evolution of the Donate Blood app!

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