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Demonstrating Google’s Vertex AI platform at Tech Spotlight

Introducing the latest edition of our exclusive Tech Spotlight series, we set the stage for an AI-centric discussion at our office. In a November event, exclusively for AI enthusiasts, we delved into the dynamic world of Google’s Vertex AI platform – Model Garden and Generative AI Studio.

With a background in data structures, creating ML models, and analyzing algorithms, our colleague Dimitar Ganev took the stage as the headline speaker. He shared insights into Google’s cutting-edge ML and AI tools, showcasing their potential in streamlining everyday tasks  

Kicking off with an introduction to Vertex AI, Model Garden, and Generative AI Studio, the presentation went through an overview of the different available types of models, their customization and deployment. Dimitar wrapped up the session with three demos unveiling prompt tests, self-designing prompts, and fine-tuning foundation models. Receiving an audience of more than 50 guests, the presentation later on transitioned into an informal conversations over some drinks and bites. 

To all those who attended the event – we hope you enjoyed it! 

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