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AppleAuth support of “Sign in with Apple” for Java

Just a few short weeks after releasing the open-source AppleAuth .NET library, our team is back with a version supporting the “Sign in with Apple” for Java.

AppleAuth Java aims to make the native user authentication quicker and more intuitive. In this way, you can focus on more business-critical development features and not waste time on extracting the Apple authorization token. Apple’s authentication with Apple ID, called “Sign in with Apple” is required for all apps that use third-party login.  It became the new norm in 2019 after Apple’s announcement at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. “Sign in with Apple” protects personal data and allows users to opt-out of sharing their usage data and details with third-party applications.

Realizing the value of personal data and the major users’ preference for its protection, we do believe that AppleAuth Java will be invaluable in your development process! We are open and accepting quality feedback so feel free to explore the source code on GitHub and add your ideas. You can also help us spread the word by sharing this news on social media with #SignInWithApple and #AppleAuthJava!

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