CloudEPC transforms into an all-in-one solution for Fortune 500 companies with Accedia

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The global EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) industry has been continuously evolving, driven by disruptive technology, globalization, and a rising call for optimized performance. Bringing the industry into the new century is however quite a challenge.

The subject matter experts at Nexus Program Management Group allied with our team of technology gurus to deliver Cloud EPC - a fully integrated project management and project controls cloud-based system offering. Read the story and find out how our strategic partnership enabled the digitalization of traditional construction management!!


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Digital Transformation in Practice

The challenge lied in redefining the way organizations track and manage project cost, change management, progress & performance, safety, reporting and enterprise business intelligence.

We have collaborated to develop an innovative product suite, which quickly head to becoming the top software solution for managing complex construction and engineering projects. Cloud EPC leverages the benefits of enterprise web & mobile applications and advanced cloud software to transform and empower real-time decision-making.

The end solution relies on modern web & mobile technologies like .NET MVC, Telerik Kendo UI and Bootstrap, best practices in business intelligence with Oracle Primavera and Telerik Reporting, and Microsoft Azure services to bring a conservative industry into the cloud!

“We really pushed the cloud component as one of the prime sources of value in Cloud EPC. Seeing that people and the industry are getting more and more comfortable with it, we entrusted Accedia to integrate the benefits of cloud into a sophisticated product with day-to-day users at its core.” – Benjamin Hubbard, President, CloudEPC

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By integrating technology, industry know-how and a flexible development approach our team delivered an innovative product, designed to match various business cases. Download this customer success story and find out how you can leverage digital transformation!