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Our solutions portfolio focuses on both internal process management and external customer relationships. Digital transformation, cloud solutions and custom application development help companies unleash new market opportunities and stay ahead of external challenges. Business intelligence further enables organizations to gain insights into customer preferences, improve their current performance and achieve higher ROI. By excelling in the creation of disruptive technology solutions, we help our clients understand better their end customers, deliver outstanding results and innovate continuously.

Digital Transformation

We help our customers improve their business productivity, transform internal processes and achieve better results. Based on our extensive experience with enterprise mobile solutions, responsive enterprise portals, niche social networks, web applications, and interactive user design, we focus on providing innovative technology solutions. Read more...

  • Native & hybrid mobile development
  • Enterprise web applications and portals
  • Cutting-edge user experience
  • Remarkable team collaboration

Application Development & Maintenance

The fast pace of technology change requires constant re-evaluation of internal business processes and software systems in place.  We help our clients sustain their competitive advantage in today’s disruptive reality by integrating the design, building, testing and managing of their applications. Read more...

  • End-to-end enterprise integration application
  • Business process automation & optimization
  • Custom software solutions
  • Quality assurance & test automation 

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Accedia helps companies analyze and predict customer behavior to extract meaningful information that delivers continual value. Through analytics solutions, data warehouse optimization, and advanced reporting, big data challenges turn into significant insights that improve operational efficiency and help our clients provide products and services оf the present day. Read more...

  • BI solutions and comprehensive data strategy
  • Improved information consistency and quality
  • Advanced reporting and effective data visualization
  • Predictive analytics and complete view of customer behavior

Cloud Solutions & IoT

We focus on optimizing collaboration, improving resources agility, and reducing the demand for hardware through state-of-the-art cloud architectures and applications. Our expertise in IoT and DevOps allows us to help companies transform the way they manage assets, communicate, and lead the wave of future-sustainable business models. Read more...

  • Cloud applications design, architecture and development
  • Smart monitoring of assets and operations
  • DevOps tools and practices implementation
  • Intelligent automation and connectivity
  • Cloud migration strategy and realization

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