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Software Development Outsourcing


We understand that running a world-class, full-stack IT department is both difficult and expensive. Whether it is the need for greater flexibility or embracement of technology innovation, businesses today are facing emerging challenges. These can turn into opportunities by adopting a proactive approach to delivering top-notch service - with the help of a diverse pool of technology experts.

Software development outsourcing is not just about technology. Rather, its aim is to take your business to new levels, equipped with the right toolset. Among all ingredients of a successful outsourcing relationship, we believe that communication and transparency are crucial. We are committed to continuously improving our delivery processes and technology know-how in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Benefits For Your Business

Building successful partnerships relies heavily on business synergy, aligned long-term objectives and potential for future innovation. The same approach to outsourcing can create a strategic alliance, realizing benefits far beyond cost optimization and access to talent.

  • Increased capacity and flexibility
  • Access to extensive expertise
  • Better time-to-market
  • Business agility
  • Risk sharing
  • Cost optimization
  • Technology and process innovation

Top-notch Location

  • Bulgaria as recognized high-quality outsourcing hub
  • Eastern European technology innovation culture
  • European Union regulated legal framework
  • Long-standing reputation in science and education
  • Well-versed and multilingual talent pool
  • Geographical and cultural proximity

Competitive Advantage

Our personalized approach is guided by being the partner that helps you achieve your long-term business goals. We rely greatly on two-way collaboration and transparency to put forward a service that fits perfectly, and this principle stands behind all of our achievements.

Service Offering

Flexible Approach

  • Hybrid delivery models
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Efficient processes and methodologies
  • Transparency of operations
  • Proactive attitude

Solution Areas

  • Custom LoB applications
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • BPM & EAI
  • QA & Test Automation
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud Solutions & IoT

Business models

  • Staff augmentation
  • Dedicated teams
  • Project-based end-to-end delivery
  • Innovative product development
  • Application maintenance & support

Are you looking to reinvent your business outcomes through innovative outsourcing operational models?