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Agile software development

Practicing Agile helps you achieve greater speed and success with transformation projects, as well as higher visibility, accountability and overall quality. Iterative software development led by cross-functional teams of engineers, designers and product specialists helps you derive tangible value in each step of a digital solution lifecycle.


End-to-end capabilities and success stories have led us to identify plenty of practices to help you obtain a potentially shippable increment at every agile iteration. We have worked with a number of clients on refining their software development processes and making sure the practical implementation fits their particular needs.

User Stories in Agile Software Development: The Why and How

User stories are probably the most popular agile technique for capturing product functionality. They are description of how features work from the perspective of your users. We can describe user stories as a placeholder for a conversation. They help product owners and managers, dev teams, and stakeholders understand their users. It is essential to know who your users are, what they want and why they want it.

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When to apply Agile in Software Development? Explained through Cynefin

Early in my career as a Business Analyst, I used to often ask myself how to put the theory into practice. What kind of problems is best to solve by applying Agile? When to apply Agile in software development? Should I always try to promote Agile in my projects?

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