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Successful completion of IDC Season 4

The fourth chapter of the Accedia Innovation Development Center is now completed, and the results were announced yesterday at the first ever online Company Breakfast.

IDC season 4 welcomed and inspired some of the bravest and most innovative ideas thus far and proved to be an example of efficient team collaboration. Four months, four teams, challenges and ideas at stake required many creative solutions and the utmost teams’ dedication and confirmed the IDC motto of “enabling innovation together”.

We were faced with digital origami art challenges incorporating dynamic 3D manipulations, collaborative platform for the trainers’ community harnessing the power of cloud computing, AWS-based freights logistics management solution, and competitive chatbots powered by Microsoft Bot Framework enticing us to take part in various team challenges!

The teams showed perseverance and a never-ending curiosity to learn new technologies and skills and successfully implemented them in their IDC projects. Thus, all four were granted rewards according to their accomplished project scope, innovation and usability criteria.

We would like to thank you all for inspiring us and proving that we can indeed enable innovation together! We wish you good luck and success with the further development of your product ideas!

About Accedia Innovation Development Center

The IDC has been launched in the beginning of 2017 as part of the talent development strategy at Accedia. The initiative rewards the symbiosis between technical excellence, usability and go-to-market strategy. To learn more, visit Accedia Innovation Development Center (IDC).

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