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Over 400 New Blood Donors through the app

„Дари Кръв“* is a user-friendly mobile platform that facilitates the blood donation process for blood donors and people in need of a transfusion. The idea is owned by the Bulgarian Organization of Voluntary Blood Donation (BOVBD) and together we developed a new improved version of the app. It enables users to easily make requests for blood donation, receive notifications for both emergency calls and blood donation campaigns, and participate in them as blood donors. Volunteers from the Organization administer all urgent and regular campaigns and donors’ data registered through the app and make sure the needed information will be received and properly protected.

Just six months after its launch in June 2020, the entirely rebuild and modernized “Дари Кръв“ app is already recording positive results. More than 400 people have registered as new blood donors, and 150 urgent calls have been administered through the app. Over 90% of them have been successfully answered with new donors volunteering to help.

The new version of the app was developed as a result of our initiative to help BOVBD address the decreasing number of voluntary blood donors and the shortage of blood supply needed since the beginning of the pandemic. According to official statistics by the NCTH, there are less than 24 blood donors per 1,000 people. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused an additional 30% decrease in the number of blood donors and has increased the search for blood donation in Bulgaria. 

The app has been receiving positive responses both on social networks and in the media with major news outlets announcing its launch and appealing to people to join the cause. This has resulted in more than 1,200 downloads of “Дари Кръв“. Further recognition of its contribution to the blood donation cause is the First place as Mobile App of 2020 according to the public vote in the Website of the Year awards.

Accedia continues to maintain and add functionalities identified by the BOVBD team as needed to the “Дари Кръв“ app and we appreciate any constructive feedback we can get. Thank you all for supporting the cause by registering as blood donors or becoming BOVBD volunteers and making the whole process possible!

Do not forget to also share it with friends and family so we can all become a part of the solution!

App Store:дари-кръв

Google Play Store:

*literal translation – “Donate Blood”

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