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Java Prime Time in Sofia

Sofia hosted the third edition of jPrime, organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group and sponsored by leading companies in the country. The two-day event attracted hundreds of Java evangelists and experts in the technology domain.

Accedia actively participated in the conference in support of the Java community in the country as well as in its role of initiator of such worthwhile events. From early morning till late evening, our team was discussing novelties in the area with people in different technical and business roles. We also took the chance to share our experience with enterprise software and were pleased to regard great interest by the Java professionals seeking possibilities to implement their knowledge in the company.

As company with captivating projects, based on advanced technologies, the event certainly inspired us to pursuit offering career opportunities where continuous learning come into practice every day. Judging on the success jPrime earned in Sofia, we’re sure that it’s only the beginning of strengthening the Java community and a great meeting point for engaging talents with thought leaders and enterprises.

About jPrime

jPrime is a conference with talks on Java, various languages on the JVM, mobile, web and best practices. It features a combination of great international speakers along with the best presenters from Bulgaria and the Balkans, providing great opportunities for learning, hacking, networking and fun.

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