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IDC Season 5 welcomes ideas in support of society

TAGS: Cloud,

Chapter 5 of IDC embraces solutions that address social challenges from the educational, public, and entertainment sectors. The concept attracted more interest than any previous edition and inspired creative ideas using cloud services, real-time databases, RFID systems, and more. 

One of the teams is developing an innovative mobile application supporting people with reduced mobility, that uses Flutter framework and Firebase database. Another mobile and web application using Back-end as a Service (BaaS) will support the rescue of animals in danger.

Responding to remote as a prevalent mode of study following 2020, one team is also developing an AWS-hosted web platform supporting the math studies of students from different grades.

An Amazon-based cloud platform using Docker and Kubernetes will be helping junior software developers kick-start their IT careers. The app allows users to familiarize themselves with different IT roles thoroughly and make the right career choice.

Last, but not least an intelligent platform will keep people entertained when at home. The system digitalizes classical card games with the help of RFID readers and predefined cards with chips.

Season 5 ends February 28th and we are looking forward to seeing and testing the final applications. All working solutions will be granted rewards according to their accomplished project scope, innovation, and usability criteria.

Do you have an idea which you want to translate into digital experiences? We have some open positions that might be just for you. Check them out here!

About Accedia Innovation Development Center

The IDC was launched at the beginning of 2017 as part of the talent development strategy at Accedia. The initiative rewards the symbiosis between technical excellence, usability, and go-to-market strategy.

To learn more about the other internal initiatives in which our team participates, you can visit this link.

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