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IDC Season 2 Finale

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the IDC Season 2! The end of yet another chapter was marked by the final product demos, presented by the four teams at an internal event in the company on March 15. 

Season 2 of the initiative inspired more innovative product ideas, greater mentor support and optimized team collaboration which, as seen at the Final Demo event, led to positive results. In just a four-month period, the teams managed to develop their product ideas, while finding creative approaches to solving various challenges on their way to enabling innovation.

The projects incorporated latest technology domains, including Augmented Reality, natural language processing, mobile learning and Internet of Things (IoT) – fields that were relatively new for the teams that participated. Two of them were rewarded for the successful implementation of their ideas – achieving 110% and 80% of their initial project scopes, respectively.

We’d like to congratulate all teams for their dedication and hard efforts and wish them good luck for future challenges!

About Accedia Innovation Development Center

The IDC has been launched in the beginning of 2017 as part of the talent engagement strategy at Accedia. The initiative rewards the symbiosis between technical excellence, usability and go-to-market strategy. To learn more, visit Accedia Innovation Development Center (IDC).

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