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IDC Event Series: Bringing Ideas to Life

On 7 February 2018, we had our first interactive Q&A panel under the IDC events series initiative. We welcomed the founders of ClaimCompass – Tatyana Mitkova, EnhanCV – Volen Vulkov, and Appzio – Branimir Parashkevov, and together we were able to provoke a discussion about the challenges every new project faces. From questions like “how to validate a product idea” to strategies to find the mates who could fit well in the team, our guests shared insights which our audience was genuinely eager to learn from. 

The IDC events series are internal presentations on startup-related topics that aim to inspire the teams’ motivation, creativity and give them food for thought. Since the launch of IDC, Accedia has been regularly inviting successful entrepreneurs to share both success stories and “lessons learnt” from their own experiences. 

We’d like to thank the guests who have participated so far and are looking forward to more interactive panels!  

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