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GROW@Accedia Kickstarts IT Careers Once Again

This September marked the launch of another edition of the QA track and the beginning of the new .NET track of the GROW@Accedia career kick-start program. 

The program aims to prepare IT professionals for a career inside Accedia. During its length of three months, the graduates build a solid foundation that can support their career journey. Its curriculum consists of in-depth real-life technical and soft skills and knowledge that prepare them for their future projects as a part of the company. Participants can gain mentioned skills through a series of individual and group trainings, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and one-on-one meetings.

Our long-term plans are to expand the program with new tracks while preserving and improving the present ones. We expect to have a few editions per year for QA, DevOps, .NET, and React tracks. Our team has actively been engaged in the process of creating the curriculum for the present editions with proven professionals within the company acting as track leads and mentors during the program and beyond and exchanging know-how with the new members of the team. After successful completion, our graduates become a permanent part of the team and can immediately start work on one of Accedia’s client projects. They keep on receiving mentorship from senior team members and can take advantage of endless opportunities for the development of their skills and knowledge, as well as for their career growth.

GROW@Accedia never closes completely, everyone interested can follow information about the upcoming editions here.

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