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Charity Campaign for the flooded villages of Karlovo


As a socially responsible company, we have always strived to support various community-related and environmental initiatives. Apart from financial donations to educational, medical, and social institutions, charity campaigns like Bazaars and Charity Breakfasts are regularly organized with the aim of contributing to different causes. Also, our people are encouraged to volunteer by dedicating their time to renovations, charity runs, and other activities.

We also let our teammates propose causes they would like us to donate to or participate in.

With the donations from the last two quarters and some CSR budget combined, we decided to help the people affected by the devastating flood in the Karlovo region in Bulgaria at the beginning of September. The estimated damage caused by the natural disaster is estimated to cost around 36 million euros. In partnership with BCause Foundation, we created a Charity Campaign with an initial aim of 10 000 BGN and gave it a kick-start with 4000 BGN.

We encourage anyone caring for the community cause to participate in our campaign with a donation at their own discretion through this link. Let’s give someone in need the hope back together!

About BCause Foundation

BCause Foundation is an expert organisation, a recognized leader with more than 20 years of experience at the national and international levels (since 1995). They encourage people, organizations and communities to transform their lives, by developing a giving culture and social investment. The foundation is focused on channelling donor resources and contributing to the financial and organizational strengthening of civil society organizations and public institutions such as schools, libraries and museums. They promote and support donation causes, donors and social entrepreneurs with personalized, high-added value services. is a funding tool developed by BCause to facilitate the donation process for individuals and corporations.

charity campaign

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