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In Clutch Top IT Bulgarian Outsourcing Companies

At Accedia, we love helping our clients achieve their goals by embracing technology and building next-generation applications. That’s why, being one of Clutch’s Top IT Outsourcing Companies list, based on our clients’ feedback, is especially valuable for our team.

It is not the first time Accedia was recognized by Clutch. We have been also previously featured as one of the Most Highly Rated B2B Services Providers for Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia. This showcases our commitment to keeping up with technology advancements and providing high-quality services.

What do our clients say about working with us? 

We have had the pleasure to work with leading companies in Finance, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy and more. From CMS and automotive customer projects to business collaboration platforms and e-commerce solutions, Accedia has supported a great number of businesses with flexible software development models to suit the specific client’s needs.

The team at Clutch spoke with some of our clients to find out more about us and here is what they said:

“Their technical expertise and willingness to learn new things set them at the forefront of technology. They’ve made collaboration seamless.” – Thomas Concrete Group

“Their organization really stands out, in addition to their exceptional knowledge of the product they were working with. They were really able to take our idea, run with it, and make it better” – SalonBiz

“Accedia’s strength is their apparent experience in working as a contractor with foreign customers. They seem to have right-sized management procedures; they are big enough to have quite good processes in place but small enough to be still somewhat flexible and agile.” – Siili One

We’re beyond grateful for the amazing reviews from our clients. If you think you could also benefit from a partnership with us, check out our IT outsourcing services and get in touch today. Our software development team would love to hear about your digital transformation goals!

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