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Advocates of ‘Caps for Future’ movement

We are proud to share that our team has donated 12kg of bottle caps in support of the “Caps for Future” action program. Though the quantity of bottle caps got bigger during our Easter campaign, initiated by the team itself, we are running the initiative all year round.

The campaign is run periodically in Bulgaria with the aim to raise funds for the purchase of new hospital equipment for newborns. Last weekend, on 14th April, i the citizens of Sofia and Plovdiv have brought 18 tons of bottle caps altogether which value totals to about 8 000 BGN. For more information and updates about the movement, follow Caps for Future’s page on Facebook.

We believe that companies should set the example and encourage their employees to take part in such great causes by supporting them with the resources to do so. That’s why, we’d like to call for everyone to join this movement for a better future!

Want to make a difference? Start recycling today!

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