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Accedia’s open call for all aspiring DevOps Interns

Here, at Accedia, we believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to start their dream career. After the success of our first QA internship program, and the positive feedback from all participants, we’ve decided to evolve the idea by launching our newest paid DevOps internship program, looking to give future DevOps professionals a head start in their careers.

As an intern at Accedia, you get behind the scenes of all key processes at a fast-paced IT company, while gaining invaluable hands-on experience. During the program, you’ll be assisting with project work for the design and provisioning of applications services and infrastructure. You’ll learn how to automate configuration management and deployment of applications using the best practices of CI/CD and will acquire practical knowledge in managing Azure/AWS services.

To help you obtain all these new skills, we assign an individual mentor, who will guide you through real-world tasks during the whole program.

A welcoming and comfortable working experience is also an important part of working at Accedia. That is why all team members enjoy flexible working hours, as well as multiple office facilities for relaxation and fun. These give a great opportunity for personal networking activities with other team members.

What’s more, being an intern at Accedia, you’ll have the opportunity to potentially become a permanent part of our team with a contract extension to a full-time position.

All you need is good knowledge of system administration, networking, and the willingness to learn and apply new technologies individually and in a team.

Learn more about the DevOps Internship program or have a look at other opportunities we offer here and join us today!

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