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Accedia Masters – the top IT chess tournament

We are proud to announce the very first Accedia Masters  – an open chess championship for developers and professional chess players. The tournament will take place on May 15th. It will give all IT professionals the opportunity to prove themselves on the chessboard.

The tournament is accredited by the International Chess Federation FIDE. All earned points will be added to the Bulgarian and the international ELO coefficient. Each player, regardless of their background, will have the chance to compete for one of many prizes with a total prize fund of over 5,000 BGN.

All spots for professional chess players have already been filled. However, if you are an IT professional with a passion for chess, you might still have the chance to register. If you are interested in taking part in the most prestigious chess tournament in the IT industry, check out our requirements for participation.

And in case you only wish to follow the participants and their ranking live during the tournament, you can do so on Tune in and be the first to know who is the brand-new champion of Accedia Masters! 

We’ll be expecting all participants on May 15th at 10 am. Don’t miss your chance to become part of the biggest chess tournament of the year.

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