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Accedia Masters IT: A Successful Seventh Edition

The seventh edition of Accedia Masters IT was held on Oct. 7th, attracting a mix of over 100 returning and new participants. Тhe event continues to establish itself as an essential date on the chess calendar. 

Georgi Nikolaev topped the points category for the second year in a row, having previously won one of Accedia Masters’ editions in 2022. Matey Petkov and Svetlin Stojanov took the second and third spots, respectively. One of the most intriguing aspects of this edition was the minimal point difference between players. The difference between the first and eighth person stood at just one point, a never-before-seen occurrence in the tournament series. This only serves to emphasize the high caliber of players and the intense competition at this event.

“I have attended nearly all the editions, possibly missing one. The atmosphere here is always positive,” shared one of the regular participants in Accedia Masters IT. 

“It’s more interesting than online! I urge anyone who’s interested to come in person and see!,” shared another player who attended the series for a first time. 

From Accedia, Nikolay Hristov secured the top position, with Stefan Dimitrov and Halil Imamov following in second and third places, respectively. In the women’s category, Viktoria Terzieva took the lead, followed by Hristina Hristova and Yanita Terzieva. You can check the final ranking on this link.

In line with past tournaments, players benefited from several features. Digital boards were set up at top tables, and Accedia’s rooftop bar presented complimentary refreshments. A barista was available for coffee enthusiasts, and the venue’s spaciousness, complemented by ergonomic chairs, ensured a comfortable playing setting.

Nikolay Mutafov, who opened the event and is one of Accedia’s managing partners shared:

“I am extremely happy that for the seventh consecutive time, Accedia Masters marks such a huge success! With each tournament, more and more people register. We are definitely considering expanding the tournaments.”

Chess enthusiasts are already looking forward to the next edition, as the Accedia Masters IT continues to set higher standards for the game and its players.

Would you like to become a part of the Accedia Masters community? You can find more information here.

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