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Launch of Summer Internship Program for Software Developers

Accedia is thrilled to announce our Summer Internship 2021 that aims to support students looking to gain hands-on experience working on real-world software development projects.

Here at Accedia, we are on the hunt for someone just like you – eager to take on new technologies and concepts, excited to work in a team, and, of course, enjoys a cold beer after a long day.

what can you expect from your software development summer internship?

During your summer internship at Accedia, you will have the chance to develop both your soft and programming skills. You will see firsthand what working in a software development project looks like. Learn how agile methodology works in a professional environment, how a project is managed, sprints planned, and much more. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be a part of a real-life development process and a team of senior software consultants who will mentor you along the way. The dynamic world that we work in will help you gather professional experience, get a deep understanding of new and emerging technologies, and meet some great people along the way.

During your time as an intern at Accedia, you will be exposed to numerous professional and personal networking opportunities. You will be provided with an individual mentor throughout the entire period who will help you adjust, grow, and develop. You will have the support of your entire team, not only in your everyday tasks and challenges but in all company events and after-work initiatives.

Once your internship is over, you might also have the chance to join Accedia as a full-time software developer. We have many success stories of people who are now senior software consultants only 5 years after their internship. You can learn from them and let them guide you through your chosen career path.

Why choose Accedia for your summer internship?

Accedia is a technology consulting and application development company with offices in Sofia, Boston, and San Francisco. We focus our work in various areas ranging from Web & Mobile, through Business Intelligence, Cloud & IoT, to QA & Testing.

Read more about our Summer Internship, the possible career paths, and how to become part of the bright people at Accedia.

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