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Accedia #HackforHealth Weekend

We just held our fourth themed Hackathon under the tag #HackforHealth – an appealing topic that gathered the greatest number of talents so far. Following the Health Month we had, the team was up for a weekend full of (pair) programming, creative workarounds and even live social media updates.

Fueled by energizing sunsets overlooking Vitosha as well as coding support by the founders of Accedia, the teams worked relentlessly to come up with working app versions of their ideas. Some of them clung to the topic of a healthy diet – from recipe suggestions based on personal swipe-left, swipe-right nutritional preferences, to translating the meaning behind scientific names of labeled ingredients for the purpose of making more informed and less toxic what-to-eat decisions.

Others touched upon the impact of pollution and sought to provide easy access to measurements of the magnitude of contaminated water on the Black Sea coast. One of the teams didn’t forget how important, yet confusing working out might be, thus developing an app which recognizes gym appliances and provides exercise suggestions accordingly.

The rush for greatness was fired by the technologies used – Python, ReactNative, Ionic, Docker, Serverless Framework, Google Cloud Vision, Google Cloud AutoML among others, brought to live the ideas above in as much as 48 hours.

So, this time it took 20 people, 4 apps and unlimited recharging supplies to make up an amazing team building – let’s see what we can do next!

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