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Accedia Forest: Rooting for a Greener Future


Last Saturday, June 3rd, around 50 volunteers from Accedia planted nearly 240 spruce saplings on a 2-decares terrain in Vitosha mountain near Vitoshko Lale Ski Area. The number of trees planted is not accidental – it approximates the number of people in the team.  

Nikolay Mutafov, CEO of the company, shares more about the idea: “I am personally interested in deforestation issues and their impact on the planet. In the first months of the war in Ukraine, we worked with Foundation to help them in their task of housing refugees. Inspired by their main cause to create new forests, I came up with the idea to plant our own Accedia Forest. That way, we make our small contribution and unite our people around something meaningful and sustainable. In the beginning I envisioned a forest with as many trees as people have been part of Accedia. The plan was to expand it as our team grows. Who knows, we might reach that number at some point.” 

Under the supervision of experienced foresters from the State Forestry Administration – Sofia and with the organizational support of the Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Fondaciya EkoObshtnost) team, our people and their friends and families have worked tirelessly to prepare the weedgrown soil by digging, forming pits, and sowing saplings. 

We worked as a team and built connections through this shared experience, which reflects our values of collaboration, fun, and agility. We have committed ourselves to cultivating Accedia Forest and making sure it grows into a beautiful forest where we can spend quality time as a team.

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